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Partnerships with Schools and Youth Sports Organizations

Watch this video featuring ESPN Analyst and PCA National Advisory Board Member Herm Edwards to learn about PCA workshops and Partnerships. Then, you can request information from a PCA representative about partnering your school or youth sports organization with PCA.

A PCA Partnership includes a customized mix of live workshops, online courses, books, access to the PCA Partners website, and ongoing follow-up communications. Many of our Partners report benefits, such as:

  • Increased retention rates and satisfaction among players, coaches, and officials
  • Increased participation in coach, parent, and leadership education 
  • Increased number of inquiries from other organizations about “how you do things” 
  • Increased comments in the community about how classy, kid-friendly, and well-run the organization is.

Click the buttons at right for detailed descriptions of our workshops and online courses. Other elements of a PCA Partnership include:

  • Books by PCA Founder Jim Thompson that complement the workshops and online courses. Most are 60-80 pages, including thought-provoking case studies and scenarios, and can be read in about two hours.
  • The password-protected PCA Partners Website and follow-up communications such as e-mail newsletters. These combine with the workshops, courses and books to create a systems-based approach that helps youth and high school sports leaders, coaches, parents and athletes build and benefit from a positive, character-building youth sports environment.

That environment helps your school or organization attract and retain the coaches, parents and players necessary to make your programs run smoothly...with fewer on-field conflicts, better coach-parent relationships and avid support for the program itself from all involved and the community at large.

The links below provide detailed descriptions of our workshops, online courses and partnership offerings:

High School Live Partnership Description (PDF)

YSO Live Partnership Description (PDF)

Workshop Overview Sheet (PDF)

Online Partnership Description (PDF)

Online Course Descriptions (PDF)

Live Workshops

Live Workshops

led by an expert PCA Trainer provide training for the coaches, parents, athletes and leaders in your school or organization.
Online Courses

Online Courses

feature video from top coaches and athletes on PCA's National Advisory Board and let coaches, parents and athletes learn at their convenience.