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Live Workshops

PCA has made its name by presenting more than 13,000 live workshops for youth and high school sports leaders, coaches, parents and athletes, who have called their workshop experience "transformative" and "life-changing."

Our workshop titles are:

Workshop Overview Sheet (PDF)

Request information from a PCA representative about partnering your school or youth sports organization with PCA.   

Typically, an individual school or youth sports organization hosts a Leadership workshop for its directors, a separate Double-Goal Coach workshop for all its coaches, and a separate Second-Goal Parent workshop. A Triple-Impact Competitor workshop is available for teenage athletes in the school or organization.

PCA also offers Partnerships that include workshops for school districts, conferences, park-and-recreation organizations, leagues, and youth sports consortiums in all 50 states and several other nations.

Each workshop takes anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours, depending on our Partner's preferences, and is led by a PCA Trainer with deep athletic and coaching experience (usually at least three years at the high school level or above). The Trainer explains PCA's three key principles -- Redefining "Winning" as Mastery of Sport, Filling Emotional Tanks and Honoring the Game -- and leads attendees through a series of interactive exercises based on common youth sports scenarios.

The result is that the group of leaders, coaches, parents or athletes begins to explore different approaches for success and establishes a common vocabulary for use in providing athletes a positive, character-building youth sports environment.

Often, workshop attendees are "unfrozen" from negative beliefs and practices they had accepted throughout their sporting lives and experience an emotional awakening that benefits them, their families, communities and most importantly, the youth athletes they serve. 

Partner With PCA

Partner With PCA

Learn about features, benefits and details of a PCA Partnership for your school or youth sports organization. Then ask to have a PCA representative contact you.
Free Coaching Tips E-Mailed Weekly

Free Coaching Tips E-Mailed Weekly

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