Google+ Contacts and Staff Directory

Contacts and Staff Directory

Alphabetical Staff Listing and Regional Offices

Hillary Bach, Partnership Manager - Phoenix, 918-850-6145, e-mail Hillary

Vince Bantilan, IT Manager, 650-210-0807, e-mail Vince

Alan Berkes, Executive Director - Los Angeles, 424-247-3104, e-mail Alan

Keenan Bigg, Partnership Support Manager, 773-506-0322, e-mail Keenan

Colin Brush, Partner Account Administration Specialist, 650-210-0812, e-mail Colin

Sean Carscadden, Partnership Manager - Bay Area, 925 200-1982, e-mail Sean

Nick Cipkus, Partnership Manager - Cleveland, 440-488-9639, e-mail Nick

Linda Crum, Executive Director - Colorado, 612-239-1465. e-mail Linda

Jeff Dale, Director of Field Operations - 303-815-8806, e-mail Jeff

Sonja DeWitt, Senior Trainer Manager, 831-475-4522, e-mail Sonja

Judy Dillenbeck, Senior Accountant, 650-210-0804, e-mail Judy

Tai Duncan, Executive Director - Chicago, 312-528-3252,  e-mail Tai

Deborah Edwards, Executive Director - Minnesota, 612-805-2729, e-mail Deborah

Eric Eisendrath, Lead Trainer - Boston, 401-525-0333, e-mail Eric

Eric Fischer, Partnership Support Manager, 650-210-0818, e-mail Eric

Alison Fraga, Partnership Manager-Tampa Bay, 813-205-6205, e-mail Alison

Morgan Fuller, Program Administrator, 650-210-0815, e-mail Morgan

Jeaney Garcia, Executive Director-Hawaii, 808-226-4935, e-mail Jeaney

Ripper Hatch, Director of Partner Development, 916-899-4127, e-mail Ripper

Matt Hayden, Business Development Manager - Chapter Expansion, 478-394-2865, e-mail Matt

Jack Hendrickson, Partnership Manager-Portland, 414-614-9349, e-mail Jack

Lauren Hering, Out-of-Territory Partnership Manager, 469-261-2865, e-mail Lauren

David Jacobson, Senior Marketing Communications and Content Manager, 650-210-0808, e-mail David

Albert "AJ" Johnson, Executive Director - Houston, 281-733-9936, e-mail Albert

Tyler Johnson, Partnership Manager - Colorado, 563-343-0336, e-mail Tyler 

Kelly Kratz, Lead Trainer, 484-571-4590, e-mail Kelly

Jessica Lacayo, Partner Account Administrator, 650-210-0820, e-mail Jessica

Monique Lewis, Partnership Manager - DC/Mid-Atlantic region, 301-456-7800, e-mail Monique

Taylor Lydon, Partner Support Manager - SF Bay Area, 530-514-2544, e-mail Taylor

Valerin Lopez, Special Events and Stewardship Manager, 707-478-9794, e-mail Valerin

David Mahery, Partnership Manager - New England, 781-635-9113, e-mail David

Vince Marchese, Partnership Manager - Sacramento, 510-828-9647, e-mail Vince

Gabriel Martinez, Accounting & Administrative Associate, 650-210-0800, e-mail Gabriel

Casey Miller, Business Development & Marketing Manager, 650-210-0814, e-mail Casey

Danielle Moorman, Executive Director - North Texas, 817-999-0809, e-mail Danielle

Dean Munro, Executive Director - SF Bay Area, 408 420–4285, e-mail Dean

Ruben Nieves, Director of Training, 559-360-1667, e-mail Ruben

Beth O’Neill Maloney, Executive Director - New England, 617-460-5181, e-mail Beth

Andrew Pillsbury, Senior Partnership Manager, 612-834-5804, e-mail Andrew

Courtney Pollack, National Director of Products & Services, 301-592-0629, e-mail Courtney

Jason Pratt, Partnership Manager – Philadelphia, 484-415-0740, e-mail Jason

Rich Pruszynski, Senior Manager, Partner Support, 414-212-8125, e-mail Rich

Carolyn Quindica, Partner Support Manager - Hawaii, 808-277-9337, e-mail Carolyn

Devin Rankin, Executive Director - Phoenix, 602-770-3077, email Devin

Lisa Rannow, Partner Support Manager, 651-444-8175, email Lisa

Marti Reed, Partnership Manager - Los Angeles, 562-533-1560e-mail Marti

Silvia Rivas, Manager of Partner Account Administration, 559-645-0503, e-mail Silvia

Darin Roland, Director of Information Technology, 650-210-0813, e-mail Darin.

Ben Rose, Director of Field Operations, 281-733-8555, e-mail Ben

Leanne Rose, Partner Support Manager, 413-977-6957e-mail Leanne

Michelle Ryder, Controller, 650-210-0809, e-mail Michelle

Jason Sacks, National Director of Business Development, 773-506-4744, e-mail Jason

Mark Sakalosky, Executive Director - Tampa Bay, 813-786-5360, e-mail Mark

Katie Saylor, Marketing Manager, 650-210-0811, e-mail Katie

Heana Simpson, Chief Administration & Field Operations Officer, 650-210-0802, e-mail Heana

Zach Streight, PCA-Sacramento Executive Director, 916-572-5432, e-mail Zach

Megan Subocz-Quinn, Development Associate, 650-210-0803, e-mail Megan

Tina Syer, Chief Impact Officer, 650-210-0821e-mail Tina

Jim Thompson, Chief Executive Officer, 650-210-0803, e-mail Jim

Jake Wald, Business Development Manager, 202-735-5872, e-mail Jake

Brian Watson, Business Development Manager, 650-210-0810, e-mail Brian

Mimmy Wenzel, Partnership Manager - Chicago, 301-237-1355, e-mail Mimmy

Cathie Whalen, Chief Financial Officer, 650-210-0806, e-mail Cathie

Blake Wilson, Partnership Manager - Houston, 214-394-8966, e-mail Blake

PCA Regional Offices
In regional offices, a Partnership Manager brings area schools and youth sports organizations into partnership with PCA to train coaches, sports parents, student-athletes and school or organizational leaders.  Learn more about what is happening in each of these regions:

If your city or region is not listed, contact Matt Hayden, who handles youth sports organizations and schools based outside our established regions. 



Mailing Addresses and Additional Contacts

National Headquarters

Phone: 866-725-0024 (toll-free)
Fax: 650-969-1650
1001 N. Rengstorff Ave., Suite 100
Mountain View, CA 94043

For media inquiries, please e-mail David Jacobson.

To request information on hosting workshops, training coaches and partnering your school or organization with PCA, please fill out this form.

For all other inquiries, please e-mail our general in-box.

Chapter Offices

PCA-SF Bay Area
Brian Watson, Chapter Executive Director
E-Mail Brian

1922 The Alameda, Suite 310
San Jose, CA 95126

Tai Duncan, Chapter Executive Director
E-mail Tai

159 Crocker Park Blvd.
Suite #400
Westlake, OH 44145

Linda Crum, Chapter Executive Director
E-mail Linda
10190 Bannock St.  Suite 250
Northglenn, CO  80260

Jeaney Garcia, Chapter Executive Director
E-Mail Jeaney

Albert "AJ" Johnson, Chapter Executive Director
E-mail Albert
2000-A Edwards St
Houston, TX 77007

Deborah Edwards, Chapter Executive Director
E-mail Deborah
Spruce Tree Center
1600 University Avenue West
Suite 301
St. Paul, MN  55104

PCA-Los Angeles
Alan Berkes, Chapter Executive Director
Email Alan
2150 Park Place, Suite 100
El Segundo CA 90245

PCA-New England
Beth O’Neill Maloney, Executive Director
617-460-5181, e-mail Beth

PCA-North Texas
Danielle Moorman
Email Danielle
5005 LBJ Freeway Suite 340
Dallas, TX 75244

Devin Rankin, Chapter Executive Director
(602) 770-3077 or email Devin

Benjamin Dudley, Chapter Executive Director
Email Ben

Zach Streight, Chapter Executive Director
(916) 572-5432 or email Zach
5701 Lonetree Blvd, Suite 221E
Rocklin, CA 95765

PCA-Tampa Bay
Mark Sakalosky, Chapter Executive Director
e-mail Mark
1411 N Westshore Blvd
Suite 205
Tampa, FL 33607